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Nagini 28-10-2016 Episode 107 - Sun TV Serial | Sun tv 28/10/16 Nagini Serial |Sun TV Serial - Naagini 28-10-2016 - Episode 107

Sree Vani
Jai Dhanush
Directed By : Bijju Vargessl
Produced By : Cine Times Entertainment

Nagini,Sun TV Serials

Sun TV Serial - Naagini 28-10-2016 - Episode 107

Nagini is a Tamil soap opera on Sun TV. It is a Prime time serial. The show premiered on 2 7th October, 2016. It airs Monday through Friday at 10pm. Naagini’ is an intriguing story of revenge revolving around Naagini, an inhabitant of Naglok, or world of snakes. Naagini is shocked when her parents are killed by a ruthless human being to get hold of ‘Naagmani’. To bring her parents back to life, Naagini must bring back the Naagmani. In order to avenge her parents’ death, and to bring the Naagmani back to Naaglok, Naagini takes form of a beautiful girl, and ventures out in search of the culprit. Things do not remain the same for Naagini, now known as Amrutha, when she falls in love with the son of her parents’ murderer. Will Amrutha take revenge and bring back the Naagmani to revive her parents’ life, or will she sacrifice the Naagmani for sake of her love?.


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