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Synopsis: Vamsam Serial tells a story of a women who struggles to find her relatives. Shakthi learns that she has an unknown uncle, mother's brother, and an aunt, father's sister, who are at a family feud. She travels to the village disguised as a cook to unite the two extended families together with her nuclear family.
Directed By : K. Rajeev Prasad
Produced By : Vision Time
Cast : Ramya Krishnan, Vijayakumar, Seema, Shyam Ganesh, Vadivukkarasi, Rajashree, Vandhana.

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Sun TV Serial - Vamsam 31-10-2016 - Episode 1013

Both, Dharman and Raman got mindful of his vicinity and they excessively began getting up. Yet he liberally said to both of them, ‘No compelling reason to get up! You go ahead with your studies! I am simply trying for acquiring a few products from business sector! If you don’t mind take care of the home!’. Vamsam Serial tells a story of a women who struggles to find her relatives. Shakthi's father, SenthilRaja and Shakthi's mother, Vasantha have arranged Sanjay and his family to view her daughter as a possible bride for him. Sanjay's father (Vizhudhungal Santhanam) refuses the alliance as Shakthi's family have no relatives. He conveys his hatred towards people who elope leaving their family behind. Vasantha is heart-broken on hearing this and reveals to Shakthi that she has an elder brother, Annachi (Vijayakumar) and that Senthil has an elder sister, Nagavalli (Vadivukkarasi). Shakthi gives a promise to her parents that she will make her parent's siblings accept the two and take them in. She disguises herself as a cook of Annachi's house to end the long-lasting feud between Annachi's family and Nagavalli's family giving her a better opportunity to make the two families accept Shakthi and her parents. Now even the director couldn't trace the story of this serial.


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