Watch Zee Tamil TV Anjarai Petti 08-11-2016 Cookery Show 08/11/16 Latest Today Episode Online
Anjarai Petti 08-11-2016 Episode 177- Zee Tamil Show | Zee Tamil Tv 08-11-16 Cookery Program | Anjarai Petty Show
Zee Tamil Shows- Anjarai Petti 08-11-2016 Episode 177
Anjarai Petti, Zee Tamil Tv Shows

Zee Tamil Shows- Anjarai Petti 08-11-2016 Episode 177

Anjaripetti is the most favorite and watched cookery show among all the TV channels in Tamilnadu. This show explores the exotic and authentic food of Tamil Nadu and takes viewers on a journey across Tamil Nadu exploring the various delicacies of Tamil Nadu. Anjaraipetti has segments such as public cooking, tastings, instant cooking, tips, celebrities cooking and Amma Kaimanam. Anjaripetti successfully completed its 1000th episode recently and still stands tall. Show travels to showcase the delicacies of each and every place of South India and brings out mouth watering dishes of these places. This show is aired all day at 1.00 pm.


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