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Ganga Yamunaa Episode 123 09-11-2016 - Raj tv Serial | Raj tv Ganga Yamunaa 09-11-2016 | Raj TV Serial - Ganga Yemuna 09-11-2016 - Episode 123

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Raj TV Serial - Ganga Yamunaa - 09-11-2016 - Episode 123

The story revolves around the lives of two half sisters, Swara and Ragini. They abbreviate themselves as Swaragini. Swara hails from a Bengali family while Ragini belongs to a Marwari family. Swara is the older one among the two. Ragini's mom died in her childhood.Both families are neighbours.Both families especially Swara's grandmother and Ragini's grandmother hate each other. Ragini's father Shekhar and Swara's mom Sharmishtha / Shomi are lovers in the past and Swara is Shekhar's daughter.Swara comes to know this truth. Swara and Ragini join together and reunite their parents. Soon, Laksh Maheshwari enters into the lives of the two sisters. Though Laksh is engaged to Ragini but doesn't want to get married to Ragini and Ragini calls off their marriage. Laksh helps Swara and Ragini to reunite their parents. While helping them he falls in love with Swara and Swara, though initially refuses reciprocates the feelings. Consequently, the alluring relationship between Swara and Ragini is ruined as Ragini's love for Laksh turns into obsession.


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