Watch 26-11-2016 Genes 2 Zee Tamil tv shows 26-11-16 - Zee Tamil TV show Genes 2 26/11/16 Latest Today Episode 79 Online
Genes 2 26-11-2016 - Episode 79 Zee Tamil tv Show | Zee Tamil tv shows - Genes 2 26-11-16| Zee Tamil Tv Genes 2 26th November 2016 Zee Tamil tv Shows, Genes

Zee Tamil tv Show - Genes 2 26-11-2016 Episode 79

A show where popular celebrities connect the real families of people by identifying their genetic similarities. Television celebrities will be playing this entertaining and enthralling game show along with their blood relations. The uniqueness of the show lies in its format which has four interesting rounds with genetic resemblance as its key. All the four rounds are extremely entertaining and are packed with tension, excitement and curiosity to keep the contestants on their toes making them perform to their best and take home the cash prize. Contestants are given Rs 79,000 at the beginning of the game. Based on their performance in various rounds, they either multiply or lose the money in hand.


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