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How to make ghee at home in Tamil | Homemade Ghee Recipe in tamil | Kitchen tips in tamil
Making your own ghee at home is a simple task that can be accomplished very quickly and easily. Homemade ghee has got its own taste and texture and its Simple home recipe.

Method :
1. Add the collected fresh Butter in the pan without water
please click below link for homemade Butter

2. Keep the flame High up to butter melting
3. once the butter melted keep the stove in medium heat and wait up to the foam will settle down.
4. once the foam settled down, you can see yellow color it separates the ghee out.
5. after few minutes the ghee separated out fand it milk solids turns into dark brown.
6. wait till you see the clear ghee on top and then switch off the gas.
7. collect the pure ghee in a clean container.

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