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Kakka Kakka 26-11-2016 Episode 70- Raj tv Serial | Raj tv Kaka Kaka 26-11-2016 | Raj TV Serial - Kakka Kakka 26-11-2016 - Episode 70

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Raj TV Serial - Kakka Kakka 26-11-2016 - Episode 70

Sivanesan one of Sri Lanka's major industrialists. His only daughter Karthika. After completing her graduation in London, she comes back to Sri Lanka to stay with her father permanently. There is no mother and other relations to her. On the day of her birthday, Sivanesan getting some warning from a Saint about her daughter Karthika’s safety and her life… 'This is your daughter the age of 11. She opened the gates of risk. Tell her to stay there and live there... if she comes here means, she will invite the God Muruga to make another samhara war against somebody... Enemies are waiting for her visit, ask her to go back’ he goes on to warn. But it’s too late for Sivanesan.. Yes, before he acts fast, Karthika reached the land. Sivanesan worried about her future. Some mystery incidents are happens around them and few unknown people surrounds them to know some secret from the house of Sivanesan and they wants what Karthika doing. One fine day Karthika comes to know about the duties of her family on the devotional services to the Lord Muruga. And she also comes to know that how the family people keep their duties, why her father leaved from the continuity of it. On a peak moment of all mysteries, Sivanesan asks and forces Karthika to stay with her grandfather in india – Thiruchendur. The same day of his wish, he attacks by some super natural power and hospitalized. As her father’s wish Karthika plans to move India to visits all Arupadai Veedu (Six Temples of Muruga), she starts her enormous prayer and rescue her father from his illness.


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