Watch Puthu Yugam TV KARUPPU VELLAI 29.11.16 show KARUPPU VELLAI 29/11/16 Latest Today Episode Online | Karuppu Vellai -Gummidipoondi Double Murder 29-11-2016 - Puthu Yugam TV show |
Puthu Yugam TV Shows - KARUPPU VELLAI 29-11-2016 | Puthu Yugam TV show -Gummidipoondi Double Murder


Puthu Yugam TV Shows - KARUPPU VELLAI - Gummidipoondi Double Murder 29-11-2016

KARUPPU VELLAI A program based on investigative journalism, seeking to bring out the grey areas and negative incidents happening in the society. Criminal activities, their background and even unresolved cases are dealt with in a forthright manner and with social consciousness with the help of HIDDEN VISUALS. Happenings and events that tend to spoil the society are brought to light boldly. The program would be presented in such a manner that it would give an impression that wherever there is a scene of crime Karuppu Vellai crew would have its eyes over there. The program is bound to provide you with many surprises and shocks.

Monday - Friday at 9.00 pm


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