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Naaga Raani 23-11-2015 Episode 151- Zee Tamil Tv Serials | Zee Tamil tv Naga Rani 23-11-16 | Zee Tamil tv Serial - Naaga Raani 23-11-2015 Episode 151

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Zee Tamil tv Serials - Naaga Raani 23-11-2016 Episode 151

Rudhra tags a handkerchief so that he can identify the place easily. When he sees the Nagarani, he starts to follow her. But she notices him and manages to escape from there. She then tells it to her husband Nagaraja, who tells her to be careful. In the meantime, Rudhra's mother gets angry and starts to scold Vani and Hema, as they had sent him to the Thankshavadana, which is a very dangerous place. Stay tuned to know what happens next.


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