Watch Priyamanaval 09/11/16 Latest Today Episode Online Priyamanaval 09.11.16 Priyamanaval 09-11-2016 Episode 551- Sun TV Serial | Sun tv Priyamaanaval 09/11/16 |Sun TV Serial - Priyamanaval 09-11-2016 - Episode 551

Directed By : T.C.Bala Prasad
Produced By : Vikatan TV
Cast : Praveena, Subhalekha Sudhakar

Sun TV Serials, Priyamanaval

Sun TV Serial - Priyamanaval 09-11-2016 - Episode 551

Priyamanaval Mega Serial story is under a big family and that family contains lovable mother, father and four sons and the story revolves how there four sons going to marry and mingle as a one family and how mother will take care all the sons with there wife without creating any problem with them and any problem created how the mother is solving this is the theme of Priyamanaval Mega Serial. Priyamanaval Mega Serial Telecast time 9.00 PM starting from 6th April 2015.


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