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Sollunganne Sollunga 27-11-2016 - Sun TV Show | Sun TV Show - Sollunganne Sollunga 27-11-2016 | Sun tv Show 27th November 2016

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Sun TV Show - Sollunganne Sollunga 27-11-2016 Sollunganne Sollunga show takes place in one of Asia's biggest bus stand, our Koyambedu Bus Stand. Iman Annatchi makes small talk with the passengers in a humorous vein. In Sollunganne Sollunganne, the host Iman Annachi visits a college campus and indulges in a friendly and jolly chat with the students. Iman Annachi is popular for his funny one-liners and jokes. During the show he asks general knowledge questions as well as hypothetical questions to the show participants, but the amusing answers from them and Annachi's quick witted response for it makes the show very hilarious and humorous.


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