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Vani Rani 19-11-2016 Episode 1112 - Sun TV Serial | Sun tv Vani Rani 19/11/16 | Sun TV Serial - Vani Rani Episode 1112 - 19-11-2016 - | Sun tv Radikaa Sarathkumar Serial 19th November 2016
Sun TV Serial - Vani Rani 19-11-2016 - Episode 1112 -

Synopsis: Vanu Rani Serial a story of two sisters who are completely unlike each other and married to two brothers in the same family. This diverse characterization of two sisters will bring you to the edge of the seat as they undergo various troubles, turmoil and tribulations in their lives.
Directed By : O.N Ratnam
Produced By : Radaan Media
Cast : Raadhika Sarathkumar, Venu Arvind, Babloo Prithviraj, Shanthi Williams, Ravikumar, Vicky, Arun, Sujith, Nikhila Rao, Guhan, Mahalakshmi.

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Sun TV Serial - Vani Rani 19-11-2016 - Episode 1112

Twin sister's Vaani and Rani (Raadhika Sarathkumar) get married to an elder and younger brother of the same family respectively. Vaani the elder one is a well read attorney and the younger one Rani is a failure in education with not even going beyond 19th class. Though both have extreme ideologies of life Rani is a favorite among neighbors with her uncanny innocent approach. Vaani is a roaring lion at the court room who is looked up as a role model to so many upcoming lawyers for her advocating abilities, whereas Rani is a well versed home maker.Not only with the sisters remain with this extremity but even their respective husbands share the same dose of luck - Vaani's husband, Bhoominathan (Venu Arvind) is a successful Granite businessman and Rani's husband, Swaminathan tried his hands on so many fields and has burnt his fingers with many a losses. Vaani is a mother of 2 children, Surya (Arun Kumar Rajan) and Gautham (Vicky (aka) Vignesh Kumar) and Rani has three children, Saravanan (Maanas Chavali), Selvi (Nikhila Rao) and Thenmozhi (Neha) who are in their teens. Volcanoes of persistent problem erupts now and then between the children too since each of them pertaining to different thought process indulge in living together under one roof as a nuclear family. Their comes a stage when it becomes so difficult to keep the family values intact between the varied problems which keeps cropping making the situation even more complex.


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