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Mahamayi 05-01-2018 Zee TV Mahamayi 05.01.2018 Tamil Serial Online | Mahamayi 05/01/2018 Zee Tamil TV Serial 05th January 2018
Watch Zee Tamil TV Mahamaayi 05.01.18 Serial Mahamaayi 05/01/18 Latest Today Episode 472 Online.
Mahamayi 05-01-2018 – Zee Tamil Serial | Zee Tamil tv Mahamayi 05-01-18 | Zee Tamil tv Serial 05th January 2018

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Mahamayi, Zee tamil Serials,
Zee Tamil Mahamayi 05th January 2018 Episode 472 Review/Discussion:

Mahamayi is the story about Sundari, a village girl who works at the Mahamayi temple. Sundari is the incarnation of Princess of Rajeshwari. Princess Rajeshwari, was once a great devotee of the Goddess Mahamayi. She is trailed by three men who seek the powerful divine object of the Shri Chakra. Rajeshwari in her attempt to protect the object loses her life in the inner sanctum of the Goddess’s shrine, vowing to never worship Goddess Mahamayai. In her next birth as Sundari, a disbeliever in Goddess Mahamayi finds herself again anointed as the protector of the Shri Chakra from being misused. Will Mahamayi protect Sundari while she accepts her destiny as a believer and the protector of the Shri Chakra? The story of Mahamayi unfolds into a thrilling mystical journey of human emotions, deceit, love and devotion.

Category: Mahamayi, Zee Tamil Serials,

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