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Suhasini 13-02-2018 Vijay Super TV Suhasini 13.02.2018 Tamil Serial Online | Suhasini 13/02/2018 Vijay Super TV Serial 13th February 2018
Watch Vijay Super TV Suhasini 13.02.18 Romantic Love Serial Suhasini 13/02/18 Latest Today Episode 83 Online.
Suhasini 13-02-2018 – Vijay Super TV Serial | Vijay Super tv Suhasini 13-02-18

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Vijay Super TV Suhasini 13th February 2018 Episode 83 Review/Discussion:
Ennudaya Thotathil is a TV soap broadcast on Vijay Super TV that showcases the lives of a typically middle-class family in Mughalsarai, Uttar Pradesh. The soap follows the family drama of the Shrivastavs, who have a matriarch named Shanti. Shanti handles the family affairs in her own style and has complete control over other family members and their activities in the house. When the new bride in the family, wife of a grandson, comes in, this puts the new woman in conflict with the established order of the house. In addition, the extended family of Shrivastavs has a dysfunctional family of her daughter, Sarla. The story is interwoven with these two families saga of incoherent conflict and how small incidences create major crisis. The series is amusing with its irony and crookedness. Shanti tries to break Kaushalya And Riya’s relationship as well Shivam and Riya’s. Accordingly Riya has adopted a villager’s look to deal with Shanti Devi.

Category: Suhasini, Tamil TV Serials, Vijay TV Serials,

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